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app to terminate unused cloud resources


Companies are wasting money, due to inefficient resource utilisation In most cases fast growing tech companies have one main priority, growing fast. One supporting factor is providing virtually endless resources to their engineers. The setup of policies is postponed until a couple of business consultants are ordered to improve the numbers for the next funding round. Until then, every developer is free to spin up as many resources as he/she likes. As time goes by a horde of untagged zombie resources overgrows the cloud accounts, some of the people that spun up the instances already went on, nobody really knows the purpose of resources are and everybody is afraid to touch them.


All the data that’s necessary to kick off the audit process is available via the apis of the public cloud providers. As the data is specific to all the providers, it makes sense to create an abstraction layer on top of all the returned entities to be able to treat them all in the same way. Having an abstract representation of the resources and a couple of labels that classify their significance for the business, it will be pretty simple to generate a model that can be used to determine which resource can be terminated immediately, which need to be manually audited and which are business critical. The product can be delivered as service or as an ad hoc tool for consultants.

Revenue Model

Initial setup

The first time the product is applied will yield the greatest savings to a company as it’s going to get rid of all the unnecessary resources, that were eating up cash for months. That can easily save a company a couple of 10$k over the next quarter. And a couple of 100$k over the next year. An agreement could be to receive x-months of savings for the initial service.

Monthly subscription

From now on product is going to constantly monitor the resource usage of given accounts. Whenever it recognises some inefficiencies it takes appropriate actions (termination/alerting or similar)

Competitive landscape

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